Parties for Kids

Saturdays & Sundays

11:00am – 12:00pm – 1:00pm – 2:00pm – 3:00pm

All Non-Glow Packages

First Hour is Bowling
Second Hour is in a Party Room*

All Parties Include:

Plates, napkins, placemats, cups, balloons
and a bowling souvenir for the birthday child.
PLUS a host to help with the bowling
No food or drink allowed except cake and ice cream

Bowling! Only

$11.00 per bowler
(minimum 10 bowlers)

Pizza! Party

Soda and two slices Pepperoni
or Cheese Pizza
$15.00 per bowler
(minimum 10 bowlers)

Hot Dog! Party

Hot Dog, Fries and Soda
$15.00 per bowler
(minimum 10 bowlers)


*No Party Room
(Minimum 10 bowlers)
Music and Party Lights
Saturdays at Noon and 2:15pm

Pizza! or Hot Dog! Party

$17.00 per bowler

Bowling! Only Party

$13.00 per bowler

Parties for Adults

Reasonably priced bowling packages.

With a drop wall we can create the ultimate private party area for up to 60 people: service bar, meeting room and music system.


A meeting room accomodating up to 90 people.
A full-service lounge and snack bar.
Pro Shop.
Arcade Room.
Music and Party-Lights (optional during certain hours).
You have the option to cater your own food in.