Fall League Schedule 2016-2017

Monday League Meet Start
11:30am Young-Uns Senior League (55+) 9/12, 10:45am 9/12, 11:30am
7:00pm Clayton Over the Wall Mix 4’s (any skill level, just to have a good time) 9/12, 6:30pm 9/12, 7pm
7:30pm Valente Invitational Scratch Trio 8/29, 6:30pm 9/12, 7:30pm
Tuesday League Meet Start
1:30pm Senior Hi-Low (drop-in, weekly, no commitment, 55+) every Tuesday ongoing
6:45pm Devils Mt. Mixed 4’s 9/6, 6:15pm 9/6, 6:45pm
Wednesday League Meet Start
9:30am Damsels Ladies League (trios) 8/31, 9:30 am 9/7, 9:30am
10am Wednesday Sirs 9/7, 9:30am 9/7, 10am
3:30pm Wednesday Juniors (kids all ages) 9/14, 3:30pm 9/14, 3:30pm
6:30pm Junior Scratch League 9/14, 6pm 9/14, 6pm
Thursday League Meet Start
4pm Teachers League 9/13, 4pm 9/15, 4pm
6:30pm Thursday Mixed 4’s 9/1, 6:30pm 9/8, 6:30pm
7:30pm 765 Scratch 4’s 9/1, 7:30pm 9/8, 7:30pm
Friday League Meet Start
11:30am X-Teens Senior League 9/9, 10:45am 9/9, 11:30am
7:00pm TGIF Mixed 4’s 9/16, 6:30pm 9/16, 7:00pm
Saturday League Meet Start
10:30am Junior Bowling Lessons and League 9/10, 10am 9/10, 10:30am
5pm Junior/Adult Family League 4’s 9/10, 5pm 9/10, 5pm
6pm Match Club (open for membership) Travel League ongoing
Sunday League Meet Start
1pm Match Club (open for membership) Travel League ongoing

Summer Leagues & Events 2016

11:20am Young-Uns Senior League (55+)
7:00pm Over the Wall Mix 4’s (good for people of any skill level just looking to have a good time)
7:30pm Draft Scratch Trios
1:30pm Senior Hi-Low (drop-in, weekly, no commitment, 55+)
6:40pm Clayton Valley Jubilee (mix 4’s, half of teams go to finals in Reno @ stadium, good for all skill levels)
7:00pm Junior Adult
7:00pm Hi-Low (drop-in, weekly, open to all adult bowlers)
1:00pm Thursday Juniors (perfect for younger kids or beginner bowlers)
6:00pm Junior Scratch (for kids with some bowling experience)
7:00pm Thirsty Thursday Trios (good for any skill level)
8:30pm Golf & Bowl Doubles
11:20pm X-Teens (55+)
7:00pm NEW TGIF Mix 4’s

Online League Info

Clayton Valley Scratch 765 Mixed Fours

Weekly Score Sheets

Steve Valente Invitational Scratch Trios

Weekly Score Sheets