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Every 4th Wednesday of each Month. Check In: 6:00pm Start: 7:30pm

Entering Average use 2022-23 CVB or Book Average, if none use 2021-22 book or Current average. FORMAT: all bowlers will roll 3 games on same pair of lanes

Entry Fee $35.00

Optional Hi Game Pots $3.00,

300 Pot $3.00

Stroke Pot: $1.00 per ticket

If your name is drawn for the STRIKE POT, you will need to roll a NATURAL STRIKE then a NO TAP STRIKE to win the pot.

The Strike Pot will have up to 3 drawings per game

The First Drawing will be 100% of the pot. / The Second drawing will be 50% of the pot / The Third drawing will be 25% of the pot. We will run this for all 3 games, up to 9 possible chances per night to win the strike pot.

CONSOLATION PRIZE: If your ticket is drawn for the strike pot and you don’t strike, then you will receive a consolation prize of the amount that you knock down. Example: $8 for an 8 count .

BOWL 3 GAMES / 1 in 5 Cash Ratio / Handicap 80% of 220, BASED ON 40 BOWLERS:

After all the drawings the remaining balance will carry over to the next months event.

1st place : $250.005th place : $65.00
2nd place : $150.006th place : $55.00
3rd place : $110.007th place : $50.00
4th place : $80.008th place : $45.00

This is how it works:

Strike Pot tickets will be sold for $1.00 per ticket

If we were to sell $300 worth of tickets we would split the amount into 3 pots of $100 each.

Game 1: $100

Game 2: $100

Game 3: $100

There will be up to 3 chances to win the pot per game:

1st chance Ticket drawing will be worth 100% of the Pot

2nd chance Ticket drawing will be worth 50% of the remaining pot

3rd chance Ticket drawing will be worth 25% of the remaining pot.


If your ticket is drawn and you do not strike, you will receive a consolation amount of $1.00 per pin knocked down.

Example if you rolled an 8 count you will receive $8.00

The remaining balance will carry over to the 2nd or 3rd drawing.

After the 3rd chance if no winner, the remaining balance will be carried over to the next month’s event.

Handicap 4 Gamer – With Optional Scratch Division – Wednesday, February 14th, 2024

Check In: 6:15pm Starts at 7:30pm – This Event will be held every 2nd Wednesday of each Month

ENTRY FEE: $42.00 / Optional Hi Game Pots $4.00 / Mystery Score (Game 3) $1.00 ($19.00 carry over) / $25.00 Buy In for Scratch Division

Handicap Division (40 entries)

1st Place $2505th Place $70
2nd Place $1506th Place $55
3rd Place $1007th Place $50
4th Place $808th Place $45

Scratch Division (25 Entries)
1st Place $250
2nd Place $150
3rd Place $100
4th Place $75
5th Place $50

Handicap 4 Gamer w/ Scratch Division Option

Upcoming Tournament Dates:

Wednesday June 12th, July 10th, August 14th, September 11th, October 9th, November 13th, December 11th

To Be eligible for our END OF SEASON Tournament to be held on Wednesday December 11th, 2024 you must have:

Won a Handicap or Scratch Event during the season of the Handicap/Scratch 4 gamer 2024

Must be in the TOP 30 POINT Leaders, Or have participated in a minimum of at least 3 Handicap/Scratch 4 Gamer events 2024 season

$2.00 per entry will go towards an end of season HANDICAP / SCRATCH 4 GAMER TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS EVENT TO BE HELD ON DECEMBER 11TH, 2024

If we averaged 40 entries for 11 tournaments the total amount of added money for the December 11th

Tournament of Champions event would be $880.00 added money.

Based on 40 entries for the End of Season Tournament

Regular Events with 40 Entries would pay:

1st – $2505th – $70
2nd – $1506th – $55
3rd – $1007th – $50
4th – $808th – $45
Monte Carlo Night (Every First Saturday of the Month)

Bowl for Cash
$25 Per Bowler (18 and over)
Check in starts at 6:00pm Bowling at 6:30pm


Bowlers must bowl in order of their place in lineup
Notify Caller Before All Money Shots


Senior Hi-Lo Tuesday: 

Check in @ 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Bowling @ 1:20pm

$16.00 per person 

Open to all bowlers 50 and up