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Temporary Bowling Center Hours:

Sunday : 10am – 11pm
Monday : 10am – Midnight
Tuesday : 10am – Midnight
Wednesday : 10am – 11pm
Thursday : 10am – Midnight
Friday : 10am – Midnight
Saturday 10am – Midnight

Bar : 11am – Midnight

We are Limited to 25% Capacity which means no more than 100 people in the whole center, that includes Employees and bar patrons. We cannot take any reservations or parties due to limitation on available lanes and social distancing.

 Everyone must wear a mask at all times, unless Eating or Drinking. Mask must be worn while bowing and roaming around the center

 face coverings should be worn in businesses and in areas where people wait in line to enter businesses, and that everyone should wear a mask or face covering whenever they are within six feet of another person who is not a member of their household. The order also requires businesses that are open during the pandemic to ensure their workers and volunteers wear face coverings, and to not serve or allow entry to anyone not wearing face coverings.

Contact Paul Thompson at (925)689-4631